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2017: A Year for Growth

2017 has been quite a year of growth for Foley Panszi Law, LLC.  We’ve doubled in size and increased the number of practice areas we handle.  The year also included a close call. 2017 Marked an Expansion Early in the year, we officially welcomed experienced attorney Allan W. Reid to the firm.  Reid came to us […]

Tis the Season for a DUI

A DUI and alcohol-fueled holiday parties often go hand-in-hand.   We’ve made a lot of progress in the past few decades in educating people to take a cab, have a designated driver or call an Uber anytime they’ve been drinking.  But, people still make poor decisions if they’ve been drinking.  Combine that with increased police patrols […]

Divorced parents, there are less than 57 days left until Christmas!

Divorced parents need to start planning now for the holiday season.  It may seem far off.  However, the holidays will be here before you know it.  First up…Thanksgiving. Families who are divorced or separated should start planning now to ensure the holidays are as drama-free as possible and the children have great memories with both […]

College Students and Criminal Charges

College students and criminal charges.  Not two things you want to have together. As you head to college, you’re probably feeling the excitement of new things to learn, new people to meet, and new experiences to try.  Hopefully, these will all be uplifting and interesting.  But what if you find yourself in the wrong place […]

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements don’t sound very romantic.  However, they can allow couples to reduce financial uncertainty before or after a marriage and focus on other aspects of their relationship. Let’s face it.  A marriage is a legal partnership into which each partner brings debts and assets. No one wants to think about a marriage […]

Specialized Driving Privileges in Indiana

Specialized driving privileges (SDP) to the rescue! It’s like a bad nightmare…your driver’s license gets suspended.  Whatever the circumstances that led to the suspension, you are left wondering how you’ll get around in the sprawled out Central Indiana region.  That’s where specialized driving privileges come into play. What are specialized driving privileges? In 2014, the […]

Expungement – is it an option for you?

The Indiana General Assembly passed an expungement law in 2013 to give ex-offenders who have turned their lives around a second chance.  Since then, thousands of Hoosiers have taken advantage of the law.   What is an expungement? Hoosiers who meet certain criteria can file to have their record of arrests and convictions expunged.  An […]

Attorney Allan W. Reid Joins Foley Panszi Law

Experienced attorney Allan W. Reid, has joined Foley Panszi Law and will focus his practice primarily on Criminal Law.  Reid says his practice ranges from major felonies to misdemeanors and includes handling DUIs, OWIs, Driving While Suspended and Expungements. Reid’s Experience Allan W. Reid is a former Master Commissioner in the criminal courts of Marion […]

Resolve to Help Your Children Cope with Divorce

This year, why not resolve to really help your children cope with the realities of having divorced parents? The relatively new year can be the perfect time to change old patterns and help everyone in the family become more emotionally healthy.   Here are some ideas to focus your behavior to help your family members […]

Telling Kids about Separation and Divorce

Telling kids that their parents are getting a divorce may be one of the hardest things you ever do.  However, with some planning, you can help your children through this difficult time.   Clear your schedules Find a large block of time when you and your spouse can tell the children together and not be […]